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The plan has been designed to facilitate the annual planning and reporting process. It focuses on high impact, cost effective RMNCAH & HA interventions, which if implemented will significantly accelerate the progress in the attainment of health-related SDGs. Key highlights and strategic objectives of the 2022-2026 RMNCAH & HAA strategic plan are to build a resilient health system to support delivery of quality (RMNCAAH) services. The strategic plan also seeks to entrench universal coverage of comprehensive (RMNCAAH) health services and interventions along the continuum of care. It will also institutionalize a multi-sectoral response for Healthy Ageing. The key achieved results of this WHO intervention that will lead towards attainment of SDG and GPW 13 related goals in the country was the development of the draft RMNCAH Strategic Plan 2022-2026. The plan will be costed before the end of December 2021 and disseminated to key partners towards attainment of SDG and GPW 13 related goals in the country. Duties and responsibilities for FHEM: To determine the cost estimates for the Strategic Plan; develop the impact and costs of different scenarios; and to conduct a financial gap analysis for the preferred scenario of the strategic plan.

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United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), Eritrea

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Strategic Plan Development

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